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In Association with Deuce Radio I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the wonderful Lee Jay for his shows on radio 1 Malaga , City fm , Castle and Central Fm in Spain . You can listen to the full interview below :

Lovely review of my single "pulling a Thread"


July 5, 2018 


Despite not picking up the guitar until he was 39, writing his first song at 46 and self producing his first song in his 50’s Graham Turner has come a long way in a short space of time.With several tracks already played on a variety of radio stations, a song included in SKY TV’s Tin Pan Alley TV series, and voted in the Top 40 songs written by Nashville Songwriters Association members, Graham Turner now returns with his new single Pulling A Thread.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music) 

Singer-Songwriter Graham Turner who is based in London, England serves us honest songwriting in his latest single ‘Pulling a Thread’. With his deeply engaging vocals, each word spoken is softly externalised through emotional feeling and rhythm. Turner softly pairs instrumentation with his commanding vocals very neatly, as he laments: 

“I need to take advice before I get to lose control. I am listening this time and I know the blame is mine because I am the one who digged the hole. You say that you want commitment girl but maybe I am a little shy…” 

It is here that we begin to understand Turner’s own emotional state when it comes to songwriting and how vocal he is about his feelings in the most subtle way possible. He is a master of his own emotions yet he carries a distinct vulnerability when it comes to love. Whilst being relatable and ‘unfinished’ when it comes to love, Turner brings us a track that will certainly tug at your heartstrings and make you feel transcendent upon listening to his voice. 

Rating: **** 

‘Pulling a Thread’ is not only well collated but it is also deeply personal. It is a song that lets us experience Turner’s only plight with love as we are taken on a journey of broken hearts, forgiveness and self-proclamation. With his tender vocals and key eye for songwriting, ‘Pulling a Thread’ will make you press the repeat button more than once due to its emotional honesty and synth-like feel. Let Turner lead you on a journey of love as you begin to lose yourself in his voice, slowly drifting into a peaceful state of transcendence and reflection. 

Ash Patel Music

Review of "End of the World " by Under The Radar Magazine

Already a finalist in last year's sky tv song writing show "tin pan alley" and previously a featured track on BBC radio Wales review of two other albums , it's nice to read that it's still gaining rave reviews for another cover .. "Space noise, as is Nik Turner's wont, pervades every aspect of this record. And yet after a minute of such introductory interstellar vibrations, track one, Nik Turner's arrangement of Graham Turner and Steve "Smiley" Barnard's "End of the World," emerges as a ballad of such gorgeous English melodic melancholy that you can bet if Oasis had recorded it, the song would be a Top 10 single the world over. Never one for pessimism though, juxtaposed against this musical setting, Turner's deliverly is fearless and hopeful, with a soft joy in his voice. Knowing Turner's penchant for the harder rock we'll soon be getting with the rest of the record, "End of the World" is that most rare occasion in music—a genuine, and lovely, surprise. Former Hawkwind cohort Paul Rudolph joins in for what is one of the songs of the year.”


"Graham has the best song catolog that no one's heard of - great writing "- Peter Knight ( Publisher)
 "What a great song, I'm so jealous, I wish I had written it myself" _ Steve Hutchinson - songwriter

"You're Lyrics are like early Chris Difford/squeeze " - David Stark ( songlink Int)
"I can so tell when you collaborate with people who are not up to your standard Graham, you should always try to write 'up'; you have a really strong lyrical style, full of imagery and your melodies remind me of David Gates - Alan Roy Scott ( Multi Grammy Winner)

"this is an example of top quality song writing" - Dr Richard Niles ( Uk SOngwriting comp Judge and award winning songwriter)

"This is perfect for film and TV, why isnt it published" Andy East (Basca Board member amongst many other awards)

This is a hit, I really like it " - Doug Flett ( Legend)

Lyrics like Rod Templeton - Graham Bough Musician /Songwriter 

This song is gonna make you very happy indeed" - Debi Cochran Smith (8 time Emmy Winner)

OMG Get this recorded, it's a hit - Lorna Flowers Nashville#1 hit writer

Congratulations! - Your song, Come To The Rescue has been selected to be a part of NSAI’s Top 40 Song Page. This is the first time music has ever been played on NSAI’s website. The song page is designed to highlight the best of NSAI’s membership
Here are just a few Quotes from Industry people, other songwriters and clients: 
Sent to New Atlantic Records :
Sarah J Peppers new book trailer for one of her recent books...pretty soon, the Fate trilogy will have the same :) Graham Turner rocked this, with such beautiful music...very cool
DJ Jackson Cooper - reaction to HAZEL JADE's new track 'You Can't Cross The Line'.
Thanks for sending that over. Without a doubt one of ( maybe even the best) track you guys have done! Awesome

"If you don't mind me saying Graham this should remain as it is, lyrics are just perfect. What makes you think they could be better? they worked for me! Again I agree with Mel sometimes lyrics can be 'overthought' a humble opinion from a simple lyricist  I really love this!" - Jane Gill-Wilson( Published Poet and Songwriter)

"Verse lyrics timeless rather than old fashioned and they pulled me into the song. The chorus came at just the right time and the chorus is just beautiful! Perfection. This song is what we as songwriters want to achieve. It's has a magic that you can't put your finger on, the x factor, you have it here! Too many songs are over worked, this stands as it is. Simple and magical. I can imagine you recording this at night when the world was asleep. It has that stillness to it, that sense of quiet reflection." - Melanie Cole - Uk Songwriter finalist

Jennifer Loren ( author of The Devils Revenge for which I wrote You cant cross the line ) :OMG! I am almost in tears I am so excited! She has the perfect sound for the tone of the novel and the song.  - I couldn't be happier. I hope I get to see it live at some point. Thanks for sending it to me - Jen

Sarah Pepper ( Author of Ringer's Masquerade Book series, for whom I write the Promo song for the book launch video) :
I think I just listened to that three times before I was able to pick my mouth off the ground. The lyrics are perfect. Absolutely perfect - compliment the novel so so so well. You're extremely talented. The gal singing... wow. I'm so glad Jennifer recommended you; you overall exceeded my expectations. Can't wait to hear the finished version.
Good gravy, it gives me the chills! I'm excited, very excited about this. Whatever trouble you all were having with writing it, i couldn't tell.
Two thumbs up - I'll be recommending you to anyone in search of a great music writer.