After messing about trying to write something to cheer a friend up one day, with no clue what I was doing, I seem to have opened a door to the most unexpected of journeys. Not once did I think I would become so immersed in a world that I'd always believed was "for other people" . 12 years later I still don't really know where it's taking me but it's more difficult to NOT continue. it's been the most amazing learning experience of my life. Technically challenging, fraught with dead ends, and crisis of confidence but somehow addictive.   This peculiar path that seems to have chosen me rather than me making a conscious choice, has taken me to Nashville and LA to learn how to craft songs properly, to being mentored by some of the best in the business, ( Alan Roy Scott and Dr Richard Niles to name just two) later,  becoming frustrated with my progress, to finally finding my home, studying and practicing Music Production. I love nothing better than starting with a blank screen and creating something that will still be here when I'm long gone. It's quite a boost to the Ego, especially when People say they like what I've created. It's very rewarding and makes up for the tens of thousands of hours I seem to have now dedicated to this crazy dream.
In these few short years, I've discovered the experimental and creative nature of songwriting, production  and playing with sound, and met the most amazingly talented people that I could have ever wished would come into my life.

I'm very proud to have now written over 400 songs,  Including collaborations with Multi Grammy Winners Mattias Bylund, Dillon Dixon, Motown Hall of Famer Clay McMurray, Emmy Winner Suzanne Edwards, Critics choice Unsigned act of the year Eddy Smith "(You're not here with me" remix,) Twice Busker of the year Natalie Shay, ("It's Christmas" )Top Swedish artist/writers Janousek,( several titles) Simon Erics,(" Heard it all before" )and other breaking artists including Norma Jean Martine ("Take it Slow"). Other credits include NSAI top 40 songs of the year 2013 "You come to the Rescue"( Turner/Dixon & Tin Pan Alley songwriter of the year finalists 2016 for "End of The World" ( Turner/Smiley) . 


Currently writing and Producing a new batch of songs which will be ready for release in Summer 2019.

Whatever happens next, I feel very blessed to have come this far.

If you'd like to Collaborate, would like a demo done or use any of my material, do get in Touch.